The site includes an enterprise-grade email package using SmarterMail. This extremely powerful mail server allows you to control your own email settings, either through your association's website or by using the webmail interface.

Some of the features / concepts of the hosted email include:

  • Email Users - Full mailboxes which can receive, send, and store messages on the mail server. Mail can be accessed using any email client or mobile device via IMAP or POP, or by using the webmail interface. Email users can also be setup to forward messages to another address.
  • Email Aliases - Email addresses which can only forward to one or more other email addresses (no storage). Examples would be creating "[email protected]" which forwards to their personal / work account, or "[email protected]" which forwards to all current board members.
  • Mailing Lists - Special addresses which forward messages to larger groups of people, but are typically setup to only allow certain authorized people to send messages to the list's subscribers. Example would be creating "[email protected]" with every participant's email included as a subscriber, but only the president and secretary are allowed to send messages to the list. Mailing lists also allow people to unsubscribe to keep you in compliance with various email regulations.
  • Shared Resources - Using the webmail interface, email users can login and create shared resources such as calendars and contacts.

ESSENTIAL Email Plan (Included)

The ESSENTIAL email plan is included with the annual fees of the website and allows for the most basic scenarios to have email addresses for your domain name. For example, this package would allow for the executive / board members of an organization who send out infrequent email on behalf of the organization to have their own accounts, and for others who receive email to have "aliases" which forward to their personal / work account. The ESSENTIAL plan also includes the abilty to create mailing lists. This plan has the following limitations:

  • 50 MB of total email storage for the domain
  • 10 Email Users, 50 Email Aliases, Unlmited Mailing Lists
  • Average outgoing messages per month: 1,000 max

Please note that regular use of multiple email users, in particular for incoming messages, on this plan will most likely exceed the 50 MB storage limit. For this type of use please upgrade to one of the paid email hosting plans below.

LITE Email Plan ($100 / year)

The LITE plan can be purchased for $100 / year and is similar to the ESSENTIAL plan but adds more storage for email users to be used more frequently. It also adds more outbound message capacity which will be needed with larger mailing lists and/or frequent use of them.

  • 5,000 MB of total email storage for the domain (5 GB)
  • 10 Email Users, 100 Email Aliases, Unlmited Mailing Lists
  • Average outgoing messages per month: 4,000 max

BASIC Email Plan ($200 / year) recommended

The BASIC plan is designed for small-to-medium sized organizations who primarily use their organization email addreses for all communication.

  • 10 GB of total email storage for the domain
  • 20 Email Users, 200 Email Aliaes, Unlimited Mailing Lists
  • Average outgoing messages per month: 10,000 max

PREMIUM Email Plan ($500 / year)

The PREMIUM plan is similar to the BASIC plan in purpose, but is designed for very large associations who are likely to have increased storage and capacity requirements.

  • 100 GB of total email storage for the domain
  • 50 Email Users, Unlimited Email Aliaes, Unlimited Mailing Lists
  • Average outgoing messages per month: Unlimited

Other Available Add-Ons

These a-la-cart upgrades and add-ons are only available for the BASIC or PREMIUM plans:

  • More Capacity - for an extra $100 / year you'll get 10 more Email Users, 10 GB more storage, and for the BASIC plan 5,000 more monthly outgoing messages.
  • ActiveSync Mailboxes - $10 / mailbox / year. Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync is a data synchronization protocol that uses push technology to provide over-the-air access to email, calendars, tasks and notes to Outlook 2013 and 2016 for Windows and a variety of mobile devices and tablets, including Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

Other Notes

Emails generated by the website (such as schedule change notifications) do NOT count towards the average outgoing message limits - unless the recipient of a subscription is an email alias or mailing list. In those cases, the website sends the message to the alias, and the alias then needs to send the message to its recipients (which is an outgoing message for each recipient).

Pricing and limits applied to each plan are subject to change.